Amelia White


Dangerous Angel - (John Hadley/Fred Knobloch/Amelia White)

Dangerous angel you are perched out on the willow with your white poison feathers, temptation as your halo - I'm lying naked and I'm crying in my pillow, blanket as a shelter, trying to deny you

CH - I'd run a thousand miles to shake you, find a crack that I can snake through, God I wish that I could hate you, Dangerous Angel

I thought I'd lost you when I knelt down at the alter, saint Christopher was watching I lit the sacred candle - but I can feel you breathing there's a shadow on my shoulder I see your face and shiver, it's cold and getting colder

CH - 

Shadow on my shoulder, cold and getting colder, I feel my knees ben to shake, I feel my will begin to break... Dangerous Angel


Home Sweet Hotel

I clay up to say I miss you, it's been a long and lonely highway.  I'm hungry for the way you kiss me and keep me in the right way.  Spicy Chicken up the road, a spell fills me up but I'm still empty.  My shotgun partner knows me too well, he plays that guitar 'til it rings sweet

CH - Home sweet hotel, pop the top off and chill, turn up the TV forget about the bill.  Home sweet Home sweet Hotel

I can't remember how the dog smiles, but I can sing a hundred sad songs, the shadow in the brightest stage light keeps me tall and keeps me long, keeps me hanging on

CH -

Gas station lights exit 227 feels like we been driving for years - another couple songs on the radio 'til I get to my bottle of cheer



Love Cures

Wake up, kiss my lover come from under-cover it's another day I'm broke, down, and trying to remember that I'm lucky in November just to feel the rain

CH - Love cures the big pain love's sure to bring change - Change stops the bullets from flying around - Love cures, ain't that a beautiful sound

Bad news all over the airways we're coming down the stairways, turn off the TV

Let's go outside and greet the sunflowers who are smiling at the showers for setting them free.

CH - 

Goodnight, I kiss my lover go back under cover try to get found - Laugh at it all until we fall to dreaming - Dreaming is believing that love's all around

Dreaming is believing love's all around - Sunflowers come from the ground - Love cures...


Leaving In My Blood - (Molly Thomas/Amelia White)

I've got leaving in my blood and restless in my bones though this California sun slowed me down like you said it would, You'll be followed by my song as I drive away tomorrow, Moving through the shadows of the lilac trees that line your street

CH - You said I'm like a riddle riding in the wind - singing my song for strangers in every town I'm in...

The song that I sing is a heart that's been broken - it weeps like a sad willow tree, I know that you're looking for love that is lasting, please don't count on me

I've got leaving in my blood

CH - 

I've got leaving in my blood even though you're on my mind, I'll swallow your memory, just give me some time


The Road Not Taken - (Reckless Johnny Wales/Sergio Webb/Amelia White)

The road not taken, he'll never know where he was headed, and would she go?  The word not spoken he'll never hear - he never listened she was not clear

CH - More than lonely was he forsaken, She was the only one he would have taken

The kiss not given he'll never taste, was he too early, was she too late, A ripped up letter, forgotten prose, he waits no longer - by that road

CH - 

They went their separate ways and now they'll never know, They'll never know what was waiting down the road

The road she'll never know where he was heading and could she go?  She heard him knocking at the door, but it's just a memory and nothing more


Rainbow Over The Eastside

There's a rainbow over the Eastside, but it's a solitary life, there's a burning down in the marrow, shots of liquor sleeplessness and miles pile on my soul, they can bring you down or they can bring you 'round

CH - So hold me tighter it's getting harder, I'll never grow up or get smarter, I only see the rainbow on the Eastside

Count the money, it's old and dirty, never seems to stretch long as the highway.  Shine the melody and dig your fingers in, let the sweat and anger hold you there and swirl the high note 'round they can bring you down, or they can lift you up, up, up.  

CH - 

Coming up my street I hear some gospel playing.  Pulling in the drive I know that you've been waiting for me

CH - 


Dogs Bark - (Jon McCelroy/Amelia White)

Jamie told Billy something, something about Willy - Willy didn't want anybody to know the word got spread like butter on bread and what should have been a molehill turned into a whole mountain of bullshit, Billy tried to fix it - Willy told Billy to take a walk - now mamma's in the kitchen, baby's on the cell phone bitching at daddy to come home and change the locks

CH - Dogs bark and people talk, Dogs bark and people talk (whisper whisper) (blah blah blah) (he said she said, she said he said)

Even if you ain't got nothing to say, you're gonna open your big mouth anyway, dogs bark, and people talk

Wolf told the bobcat rabbit and the packrat, Sky's getting dark something's going down, said the alligator see y'all later, Noah's gonna get us to the higher ground, snake and the tiger spread it like a wildfire, Dinosaurs didn't understand the talk, They got left behind while the others got in line in time to fit into some big old box

CH - 

No moral to the story just a fact of life, if you don't want it heard don't say it at night, when you're drunk mad or just plain kidding, it's gonna get around an evolutionary given

CH - 


Melissa - (Reckless Johnny Wales/Amelia White)

She took off like a rocket and brightened up the sky - got the devil in her pocket my little angel eyes.  Her mind is by the window, her heart rests on the prize - she knows which way the wind blows my little angel eyes.

Hanging at the Family Wash one lost and lonely night, I saw her and I felt the shock of love at first sight.  Sweet music filled my body, the drink it, took me higher.  I knew I had to have that girl with those angel eyes.

CH - Melissa, I love to kiss you in the morning when the rays of sun are forming that smile on your face.  Melissa, I know there'll never be another friend or lover who can take your place.

You couldn't be my first love, it's much too late for that - but I know you'll be my last love little angel, that's a fact...little angel, angel eyes

CH - 


Right Back To My Arms - (Charlie Faye/Amelia White)

All I have to do is turn that porch lighten, like a flutter to a flame, she'll be right back to my charms, I don't have to ask, and I never wait too long, I just say her name out loud and she's right back like that to my arms

She may be a flirt, she may even touch your hand - that's all fine by me, enjoy it while you can...when the sun kisses the moon goodnight and rests her weary head, she'll be right here on my pillow dreaming in my bed

CH - Oooh right back to me, right back to my arms

Oooh right back to me where she belongs

I don't worry 'bout how long this love will keep, it's a fundamental thing... like a flower to a bee...

CH - 


Six Feet Down 

Plastic people on the TV screen tonight talking 'bout the race, talking 'bout the fight - outside this window leaves fall like snow.  Shut the circus off and let's get into bed, I'm tired of all these voices coming at my head, under the covers is the truth we know

CH - Time will tell, time has eyes, six feet down is where it comes around and all we really have is what we leave behind.

Show me how your mother laughed with you, let me sing a brand new song in blue, outside this window the right's gone wrote, if you could say a hundred words today, what matters isn't even what you'd say under the white noise the heart beats on

CH - 

CH - time will tell, time marks our eyes...six feet down...