Just a night as usual on the road. pull in around 8 pm,,, having driven 8 hours.

Had to get half way to gig. Sergio drank a beer or two in the car (shhh) and we almost had to call the coast guard going through an hour long downpour with some tornado warning lingering…

bad weather from Tx heading east. It cleared up. 

we are heading to Silver Spring, MD. to play a show with Mr. Walter “Magnet and Steel” Egan, one step closer to my Stevie Nick’s obsession. Damn.

The Days in is clean if musty and right across the street is Pizza and an asian Hibachi Grill with a broken neon sign-maybe not!

But next door, a goodwill, and a Kroger OH YES. 

9pm now, and putting on my pink and purple fancy PJ pants, and feasting on cheap pinot grigio, 

hummus, carrots and crackers, I am about to settle in for Dateline? 

A knock on the door and there’s Sergio having bought me a new /used bowling bag

with the bowling ball intact- he’s been shopping, and I’m the recipient.

We shall make a grand entrance tomorrow night at Dave Galinski’s SLIGO CAFE 

and Walter Egan is sure to open up his inner secrets about Stevie…