Amelia White : Home Sweet Hotel - The Rocking Magpie

Amelia White
Home Sweet Hotel

Superb Set of Lonely Country Love Songs.

I was smitten with Amelia White’s previous album Old Postcards; and three bars into the sultry opening song on her latest disc; Dangerous Angel, I felt that same tingle in my tummy and my knees go wobbly again.
There’s something darkly sexy about the way Amelia delivers the words in this ‘world weary’ love song that tugged at my heartstrings in a way very little else has managed in recent months.
The title track Home Sweet Hotel follows; and Amelia’s voice sounds just as sultry and sad; as she tells a story only a songwriter who lives her life on the road could pen; and is exactly the type of reflective Country Rock that I’ve loved for over thirty years.
On her previous album I likened Amelia to Lucinda fronting Fleetwood Mac; well she’s ditched that backing band and picked up the Heartbreakers (in spirit) for songs like that previous one, Love Cures and later Right Back to My Arms.
Each of these songs has just the right amount of cool Southern Rocking impertinence to boost the singers expressively tired vocals; and make each song ultra-special.
All of those things also apply to Leaving in My Blood; but with added Twang too! The shadow of Lucinda and possibly a young Chrissie Hinde is cast over this song and a couple of others too; but Amelia’s distinctive voice is hers and hers alone – she sure don’t copy anyone!
By the time I first arrived at Rainbow Over The East-Side my senses had already taken a real battering; and this song very nearly pushed me over the edge towards real tears (I don’t recommend listening at 3am on headphones after taking strong painkillers!) and subsequently; I’ve had to take a deep breath before listening to the singers voice soar like a Dove on this sensational story/song every time.
In an album full of sad songs; The Road Not Taken; a co-write with Reckless Johnny Wales and the legendary guitarist Sergio Webb, who adds some seriously ‘cool guitar licks’ is a heartbreaker par-excellence. The story is pure sadness in Technicolour; and the type of Country song that Country fans claim isn’t written any more. Seriously, when you hear it you will become an Amelia White Evangelist and force feed it; and the rest of the album, to friends, family and lovers alike.
Home Sweet Hotel closes with another darkly bonnie song; Six Feet Down as it’s slow; dirge like melody is the perfect way to end an album that. hopefully will be a game-changer for one of East Nashville’s finest singer-songwriters.