Home Sweet Hotel - Blues Matters UK

"On Home Sweet Hotel the singer-songwriter Amelia White has put together a set of ten originals, that are full of regret, longing, and the feelings that life on the road can bring about. With a voice that sonically sounds like a mixture of Chrissie Hynde, and Emmylou Harris, and a band that fuses musicianship with swagger, this is an album for anyone who likes the more grown up side of country. Although the album is brilliantly produced, with polished playing, there is still enough grit in the mix to give these songs a life, both on the stage, and in the studio.The guitars of the title track, Love Cures, and Leaving in My Blood owe something to the wide open sound of the Eagles, whilst both Road Not Taken, and Melissa are gentle ballads with some aching harmony vocals, and a soundscape that brings to mind early Everly Brothers, and Rainbow Over the East Side is one of those songs with haunting pedal steel guitars and vocals that you think you have heard before. Dogs Bark is a rocking song, with everything in the right place, and is the type of song that Bonnie Raitt would record, the clean slide guitar being particularly strong part. This is a fine release, with enough interest, character, and musical variety to reward repeated listening."

-Ben McNair