"Rhythm of the Rain" is Nashville East Americana says Nashville Scene

Nashville singer-songwriter Amelia White operates in social-realist mode throughout her new full-length Rhythm of the Rain, and you may find its themes relevant in this hour of our national distress. A soulful vocalist who sings like a less self-indulgent Lucinda Williams, White makes music that could serve as the great mean of, well, Nashville East Americana. She pours her lyrics into a pot of condensed soup that could use a little spicing up for the table, but her light touch saves the day. Released this fall in Europe and set to drop domestically next year, Rhythm of the Rain peaks with “Said It Like a King,” a critique of misguided American self-confidence: “Preacher’s face is red / His fists both swing / He says you will fear temptation / And he said it like a king.” Rarely have the standard usages of Americana-ized songwriting been put to more pungent use — pass the soup.


Edd Hurt
Nashville Scene "Critic's Pick"
December 2017

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