Video Premiere: Amelia White's Reassuring 'Rhythm of the Rain'


East Nashville singer-songwriter Amelia White has been a staple of Music City's independent country scene since the early 2000s. A sought-after collaborator, White has helped shape Nashville's Americana scene and shared bills with John Prine, Brandy Clark, and more.

Now White is gearing up to release her seventh album, Rhythm of the Rain (out on Jan. 25), a 12-song collection that boldly shares stories of turmoil in America, defiance, grit, forgiveness and perseverance.

Today, Wide Open Country is premiering the video for the album's folk-rock title track, which finds much-needed comfort in what's left to trust in.

The video was shot in Nashville and the U.K. -- a fitting location considering White was inspired to write the tune by watching the 2016 U.S. election from overseas.

"I wrote this song while touring in UK and watching the bitter battle that ramped up to the Nov. 2016 U.S. election through the eyes of the BBC," White says. "'Rhythm of the Rain' is about carving out your place of peace in this mad world. I love the moment in the video where Shakespeare gazes at us, almost smirking at this mess we've gotten ourselves into."

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