I haven’t blogged for a long time but I feel a fire inside. AMA week has played out and I was lucky and happy to play two shows that included so many talented folks I respect. I like AMA’s cause it’s a chance to show the rest of the country how cool Nashville is, I feel lately especially charged about this city.

There is an over abundance of talent here, and so many different pockets of people who care and feel passionate and even competitive about music. The word competitive sounds negative, but it’s not… competition that is kept in check can be very productive. The bare truth about being a musician in Nashville is that the level of side-musicianship is so high that is makes songwriters grow and evolve. At one point in my life something called a “band” served this purpose, but as the economics of doing music seriously has evolved, it has become harder to sustain such a group.

I’ve also never lived in a city where I could be a friend to and feel supported by other great singer/songwriters. Naturally there are still some who can be divisive, and or competitive in a negative way- let’s face it it’s a tough tough business-, but for the most part Nashville is full of talented sweethearts.

I’m turning my attention now to working up a few new songs with John Jackson who I’m very lucky to have in my court. My next show in town is as part of Audrey’ Auld’s series Called SUPPER and SONG at Sky Blue Café. I’ll be hosting the evening that night, as Audrey is out of town, and I’ll have a great songwriter named Tony Kerr joining me. Right after that I’ll be heading to a great East Tennessee festival called Jammin At Hippie Jack’s! -  A handful of new songs cannot WAIT to be heard, so I hope to see you there.

All info about the shows can be found here on my web site.

Thanks for taking time to read my thoughts,