What a year it has been!!

here is a breif recap of 2012 in my world--

-released Beautiful and Wild in 7 countries to some pretty awesome world-wide reviews

-wrote approx 30 songs on my own 10 of which seem to be lingering around on for the long-haul

-got a couple new wrinkles

- toured in 5 countries

- fed my three animals at least 800 meals

-shared shows and tours with some amazing artists: Jon Byrd, Pete Molinari, Anne McCue, Mark Huff, Ashleigh Flynn, 

Peter Cooper, Eric Brace, Doug and Telisha Williams, Tommy Womack, Edwina Hayes, David Ward Maclean, Carissa Broadwater, Dan Montgomery, Julie Christensen,  Claire Holly, Greg Feldon, Rich McCully, Ernest Troost, Brad Colerick, and Tony Kerr, Molly Thomas, and Davis Raines, - I'm quite sure I've forgotten a few names, but these are the partially, or relatively if not fully great unknowns that rock my world.

-retained one word of Norwegian- Beer-

-co-wrote( with some GREAT partners)  approx 40 songs, 10 or 15 of which seem to be lingering around for the long-haul

- saw my parents grow older and sweeter and more fragile

- have a cut ( Beautiful and Wild) on WMBR's(Cambridge, Ma.)  best of 2012 Album!

-got my picture taken by some great known and unknown photographers: Stacie Huckabe, Deone Janke, Scooter Brown,

Van Delisle, Melissa Wolf, Robyn Alvis Davis..., 

I'm sure I"m missing a whole bunch!

-realized at least three new truths from the inside out

-tried to give a little more, and be a little less self-absorbed

-played shows with these amazing well known and unknown musicians at my side: John Jackson, Marco Giovino, Anne McCue, Bones Hilman, Russell Chudnofsky, John Sands, Richard Feridun, Robert Mache, Justin Amaral, Mando Saenz, Jess Leary,  Dan Seymour, Julie Christensen, Johnny Hawthorne,and  Carl Byron, Molly Thomas, and Pete Finney- 

I'm sure I missed a few there as well...

- had many heart to hearts with some of my tight circle of very close freinds

-mowed my little East Nashville lawn approx 25 times

- Loved a TON, but never enough!

- and last but not least, Met with great producer Mike Poole and some of my closest best musician friends  to begin planning my upcoming SIXTH album which will be released in 2013 come hell or high water!!!!!

this batch of songs touch a lot on Family and deepest ties, and the stories of such. The musical vibe is sitting square in the roots rock world, AKA...Neil Young, Credence Clearwater... but we'll see what comes down when the record button is ON.

I wish all and everyone one of you a HAPPY and very FULFILLING and LOVING NEW YEAR., I have a very good feeling about this upcoming year. 

As far as shows, I"m keeping a very light ( as you can see) schedule while I get my recording and strategy plans together.

You could REALLY make a difference in helping this record to come out, by buying some of my music. I can't begin to say how much this means and frankly helps me to keep doing what I love.... albums always make great gifts.

Stay posted, and I'll let you know as more shows pop up, and I put together some fund raising for my new album to be